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Yomiuri Giants Struck With a Gambling Scandal Case

The very popular Japanese professional baseball team, The Yomiuri Giants is in troubled waters. Yes, the team is found to be involved in a gambling scandal. The situation has reached to the worst level where the top executives of the team have been forced to resign.

According to the media reports, different executives that are sure to step down from their position includes the chairman Tsunekazu Momoi, owner of the team, Kojiro Shiraishi and Tsuneo Watanabe who has served the team as supreme adviser until now. In addition to this, Hiroshi Kubo, the president of the team has accepted a suspension. The evidences have made it clear that the players of Yomiuri Giants are a part of huge betting scheme. The article further talks about the entire issue of scandal and more about the news.

About the Gambling Scandal

The troubles for the team started right after the moment when Kyosuke Takagi placed the bet on baseball. Yeah, Takagi is not the first but the fourth Giants pitcher to place a bet on the game. Earlier, he refused to accept any kind of involvement in such an act but later things got clear. In an interview with Japan Times, the pitcher remarked that he kept on lying in the initial stages of investigation. However, the investigation shook him mentally and he made the decision to tell the truth. He did exactly what he decided and revealed the facts to his wife and parents.

Takagi remarked that he told the truth because his inner instinct could not trouble his team anymore. He did this for his entire team. All these questions were asked to him as a part of investigation that actually led to the suspension of three most popular pitchers, Ryuya Matsumoto, Satoshi Fukuda and Shoki Kasahara. The suspension took place when all these three players were found to have placed wager on games.

The Bottom Line

It is true that none of the four pitchers were found guilty of placing a wager on the games that they played. However, it has become a huge story in Japan and has captivated the eyes of media across the nation. It has even made government officials to comment on the matter. According to news of Wall Street Journal, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that baseball is one of the major games in Japan. In fact, the professional baseball players are an inspiration for many in the country.

He further remarked that players who have taken part in the gambling have created a very serious problem for all. Suga said that this kind of act betrays all those who are a diehard of baseball. To add on further, Katsuhiko Kumazaki, Nippon Professional Baseball commissioner has extended the order to the Giants to carry on the investigation. He wants to analyze the matter crucially. Therefore, the investigation is yet to be completed and some decisions are yet to be witnessed. However, it is true that this incident has shook Yomiuri Giants from inside and have led down all the fans of baseball.