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Furious Woman Sues Casino After They Refuse to Grant Her Winning Jackpot

A gambler has allegedly filed an official action in opposition to casino that pretended a slot machine showing a £33.65 million jackpot to be out of order, instead providing a free steak dinner in compensation. Katrina Bookman captured a picture with the Sphinx Slot Machine, revealing that the slot machine was printing cash ticket with value $42,949,672.76 as she acclaimed her massive jackpot.

However, an employee at the Resorts World Casino situated in Queens, New York City, shortly told her that she had not actually won the jackpot, after which she was dragged away from the casino premises by the members of the casino regardless of the slot machine’s bells, sounds and flashes announcing that she had won the jackpot.

The slot machine presented waiver stating 'malfunctions void all pays and plays'. She was highly dissatisfied when she was informed that it had presented an error message nullifying all her wins.

Ms Bookman says that she was informed the next day of winning a jackpot that she would be granted with $2.25 (£1.76) and also a free steak dinner by Resorts World Casino, however she refused to obtain the money as well as the steak dinner on the house. Katrina exclaimed that the malfunction of the slot machine had left her tense and discouraged.

The mother of four children was brought up in a foster care and was homeless previous to handling to place all four children in the high school as a single parent. ABC7 recorded that the lady regarded the winning of the jackpot to be her fortunate break. She mentioned that she kept recalling about her family as the hassle she has faced is difficult to handle after her huge win.

According to the CNN reports, the massive cash jackpot cracked by playing the slot machine by Katrina would have been the highest ever won on a slot machine in US.

The respective circumstance happened in August 2016 and the casino asserted at the time of it that its workers as well as the New York State Gaming Commission had discovered subsequent to the jackpot hit by the lady that the slot machine was rather defective, hence the casino declined to hand over any cash to her.

The Accusation Against Resorts World Casino by Katrina Bookman

Alan Ripka, Bookman’s advocate, registered litigation in Queens County Supreme Court on 14th June, 2017. He specified the allegations to be bizarre and interrogated if the casino was responsible for poor support. They are probing for the jackpot sum in damages.

The advocate stated that at least the casino must provide the maximum permissible on the machine which will be amounting to £5,000 ($6,500) to his client. He added that the people win on the slot machine and the house does not wish to pay out. This in unfair play as the slot machine receives your money when you do not win. It should also reward money when you win.

Ripka notified the newscaster that the casino cannot call a slot machine to be damaged only because they wish it to be damaged. It may refer to the fact that the machine was not checked and it was also not maintained. This denotes that the persons who have played prior to Bookman possessed zero possibilities of winning.

In that case, the casinos should not have permitted the players to gamble on the slot machine if it was not working properly.

The accusation furthermore names the casino’s originator corporation Genting New York LLC and slot machine creator International Game Technology as offenders.