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Understanding the Payout Schedules of Online Slots Machines!

Online slot machine games such as Double Bubble slot are immensely enjoyable and you can play them whenever you need some relaxation or fun. The added advantage of gambling for enjoyment is that you could actually win some money this way if you are lucky. One of the keys to playing slot games successfully is to use a playing strategy that matches the payout schedule of the game in question.

Many slot machines have balanced payout schedules, which means that the payout increases proportionately to the number of coins wagered. For instance, a straight machine might give out 600 coins for a single coin bet, 1,200 coins for a two coin bet and 1,800 coins for a three coin bet. If you were to bet 25p on this game, then a three coin bet could get you £450 and a £1 bet could get you £1,800.

You’ll find lots of games with unbalanced schedules in which the payout increases tremendously when the maximum coins are wagered. If the payout for a single coin is 300, and that for two coins is 600, you could expect to get 1,200 for the maximum bet of three coins.

It is easy to get confused about the payout schedules of different slot games because the payouts aren’t necessarily steadily proportional. As a matter of fact, progressive slots games show the highest variation in payouts. Since the jackpots of these games are so large (given that each and every player contributes a portion of his wagers to the pot), the smaller wins are considerably lower.

Slot manufacturers very clearly try to tempt players to wager more coins by offering higher levels of rewards. If you are interested in taking the bait then the best thing to do is play on a machine that lets you choose a very low value of coin for each wager. This will enable you to wager very small denominations but maximum number of coins required to get the big rewards. In case you do get lucky then you will also be rewarded according to the enhanced payout schedule, albeit at a lower value based upon the denomination of coin you wagered. This might seem to be a very obvious strategy for playing coins but the fact is that many players don’t even think about it and lose money in the process.

In case your aim is to play slots for as long as possible then you should select a machine that gives out the maximum winnings for lower and medium symbol combinations, for the simple reason that you’ll be hitting these the most frequently. After all, chances of getting a really massive jackpot are slim. In fact, you should opt for a machine that has a balanced payout schedule. If you can select one of these machines with very high payout rates then it is best to stick to it.

Slot games such as Double Bubble slots are purely games of chance and there is no skill necessary to play them. However, your best bet is to choose a machine after checking its payout schedule.