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The Most Advanced Online Gambling Trends of 2016 and its Effect on Casino Games Like Double Bubble Slot

Gambling trendsThe New Year, 2016 is set to explore the newest of the new online gambling trends. The topics of the recent debates include responsive mobile sites, US online gambling and uptake of Bitcoin. While talking about the United States, states like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have moved much ahead when it comes to legalization of online gambling. It was expected that these three states would be an inspiration for other states to follow the same. Nonetheless, the same did not happen and other states are still not at the par with these three.

While talking about the potential prospects of online gambling, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York are some of those. On the other hand, Pennsylvania and California emphasize only on online poker. These three states have not introduced any kind of law regarding the online gambling but the coming year, 2017 is sure to bring about some great changes in the US online gambling industry. The article further discusses the mobile apps that are going to be replaced by more responsive sites.

Introduction of More Responsive Sites

These days, the online gambling sites have understood that their sites have to responsive enough to work best on different devices. Web developers are today trying their best to develop attractive sites that can captivate the attention of various players around the world and can be operated easily on smartphones, tablets and laptops. This way, browsers are not worried about developing any special applications to let users play the gambling games.

In fact, the major casinos have recognized the fact that production of one responsive site could save many resources. In fact, it will also enable the sites to make a move from the rigid applications. In addition to this, it is expected that only the most popular gaming websites will be accessible through the mobile apps.

About Bitcoin

It is true that the gaming industry has set a benchmark in all aspects. Since years, the online gambling industry has been accepting a different kinds of payment methods, which precisely includes paysafecard, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller just to name a few. With the acceptance of all these payment methods, Bitcoin is also expected to be widely accepted by all the gambling sites in this New Year, 2016. In fact, more boutique casinos have included the Bitcoin payments.

In 2016, things are going to change a bit, as major popular casinos are going to take an advantage on their competitors by taking steps to fulfill the needs of the customers. While talking about Bitcoin, this payment method is the safest and most secure of all the other methods. Considering the issues faced by the customers while making the payments, online gambling sites are encouraging the use of Bitcoin. It will not be any surprise to see all the internet gambling sites using Bitcoin as the major banking option.

As a player, you must also try to sign up at the gambling website that offers the option of Bitcoin. It is better to be safe than to lose your bank account and repent later.