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South Africa-The Latest Destination for Casinos

South African CasinosSouth Africa is becoming a preferred destination for corporates and tourists across the world for leisure travel, conferences and idle vacations. Known for its spectacular landscape and warm hospitality, South Africa has a lot to offer to its tourists. Some of the go to cities among travellers across the world include Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. These cities are mostly preferred for their warm beaches, iconic mountain, great food and lively city culture.

Warm hospitality is the USP of this country. One can find a lot of premium resorts with all the facilities in it. The range of facilities includes private beach, boutique spa, shopping mall, theatre and so on. The one common thing among all these boutique resorts is that all of them boast of superb in house casinos. Online betting is illegal in South Africa. The recent gambling policy of the country is of the view that online betting companies don’t create as many jobs as their land based counterparts. The only form of online gambling that is legal in this country is sports betting.

Thus to save the big players of the land based casinos, the Government of South Africa has decided to protect them by restricting online betting. A punter therefore needs to visit these physical casinos to get their betting thrust quenched. Almost all casinos provide various gambling games according to the needs of an individual. From high rollers to small players, everybody has something for them.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest land based casinos in South Africa.

Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is one of the eye catching theme parks cum entertainment centre in the city of Johannesburg. The hotel and the casino is a very small part of this huge establishment. The casino has a variety of options such as the Double Bubble slot. This place has a gold mine theme. You can also find a great lyric theatre, some fantastic restaurants and for the kids this place has some awesome fun rides. This place will certainly awe you with its riddance.

Sun Coast Entertainment

This is one of Durban’s go to places if you are a traveller and looking for a good time. Sun Coast Entertainment World attracts crowds from all over the city. If you are looking for options to dine in or catch a movie, this place is second to none in Durban. It is established in Golden Mile and has an award winning state of the art casino centre. You will find close to 1600 casino options such as Double Bubble slot across 64 tables to take your breath away.

The Boardwalk Casino

This hotel and casino is based out of Port Elizabeth and apart from giving you several casino options, it will give you a breathtaking view. The entertainment centre of this hotel hosts an array of interesting programmes from time to time.

South Africa therefore could be your next destination if you are looking to have some quality time with great gambling experience.