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Slot Machines-Then and Now!

Insert the coin, the reels spin, you are waiting with bated breath for the results. Will it be a win? Or will you lose? No one can predict the result. You wait for the results without shifting your gaze off anywhere, and similar symbols line up on the screen. You won the jackpot! The screen is flashing with vibrant colours celebrating your success. This is the thrill that you will experience if you play online slot machines like Double Bubble. Many players play only for excitement and fun too!

3 Quick Steps to Play Online Slot Games

1) Once you select the online casino you want to play in, you then need to choose the slot game you’d like to play.

2) Once this is finalised, the next step is to select the coin size. This determines the value of the credits you will be playing with.

3) One of the key aspects of playing slot games such as Double Bubble game are its payouts. They are usually displayed on the top corner of the homepage. This is one of the reasons why slot machines became irresistible and players keep going back to play them all the time.

A Brief History About Slot Machines

The first slot machine to see the light of day was invented in San Francisco, USA. Charles Fey, 29 at that time built the first ever machine in 1887. He named it the Liberty Bell. The slot machine was an enormous hit in the hotels in Las Vegas.

Since the invention of the first slot machine, other manufacturers took over. They created more versions of the game with added features every time. After that, there was no looking back. Slot machines became a favourite game for all the players who visited the casinos. Even though it was invented in the USA, other countries also started making their versions of it.

Another name for the slot machine is one-armed bandits. This is because all of them had a single lever that needed to be pulled to start the spinning of the reels. Once you start playing, you’ll get hooked on to them. One example of an amazing slot machine is the Double Bubble.

The Scenario Now!

The scenario of slot machines has changed completely . You do not have to take a trip to any land-based casinos anymore. You can now play from the comfort of your own home at anytime. Slot machines such as Double Bubble are available to play online too.

There are two ways to play online slot games such as Double Bubble. One option is to download the game to your computer and the other is to play it on the website via Flash. Out of the two, not downloading and playing is the easier option as you do not want to clutter your computer with useless junk.

Hence, you do not have to wait for the game to even download. You can play it online as it is quick, fun and easy. Simply register, create an account and start playing. Invite your friends and make the most of the free promotions and spins available. Make sure to practice on free online video slots before playing with real money.