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Skill-Based Slot Machines Soon to be Available at the US Casinos

Gambling regulators in the United States are currently conducting debates on the feasibility of offering skill based slot games at a number of land based casinos. These slot games are an entirely new type that differ from classic slot machines that most casino goers are accustomed to playing. The difference is that the outcome of classic slot games is based entirely on chance whereas the new category of games, as the name indicates, requires a certain amount of skill. These games are quite similar to arcade games except for the fact that the former pay out cash to winners.

The reason that the gambling industry is pushing for skill based slot games is that they are sure to appeal to millennials who tend to reject classic slot machines are uninteresting and old-fashioned. It has to be admitted that slot games, exciting as they are, aren’t as exciting as video games.

The first state to seriously consider introducing skill-based slot games in brick and mortar casinos is Massachusetts. The state’s Gaming Commission has also come out with an outline of new regulations towards making this happen. As a matter of fact, the three casinos that are licensed by the state of Massachusetts are in the process of reviewing the draft regulations.

Opposition To Skill Based Slot Machines

It isn’t hard to imagine that the proposed slot machines have run into a bit of opposition. The biggest objection to them is that they have the capability of being far more addictive than conventional slot machines. After all, they combine the best features of betting with playing video games. However, American Gaming Association (AGA) spokesman Christopher Moyer addressed the question by saying that there wasn’t any evidence to indicate that the new generation of slot machines would be any more addictive than the existing machines.

A Wide Range Of New Generation Slot Games

There are quite a few skill-based slot games in the works at the present time. These games tend to be based on popular arcade games such as Space Invaders, Pac Man, Angry Birds, and Guitar Hero which have kept millions of gamers enthralled all over the world. Even though there is immense interest in these games, they will not be installed in land based casinos in the United States unless they are permitted by law.

Implications For Online Casinos

While the present discussion centres around permitting skill-based slot machines in land based gambling establishments, regulators will eventually have to bring up the question of online casinos because this is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing at a steady pace every year. In fact, online casinos will also start offering these games once demand for them starts to increase. Furthermore, casinos such as Casino Classic, Rich Casino, and Vegas Casino Online, all of which offer services to US residents, can also be expected to offer these games in order to tap this immense market. After all, customers are quick to shift loyalty to a casino that offers the latest games in the best possible environment.