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Regulated Online Casino Games May Soon be Permitted in Nevada

Nevada, which has the distinction of being the first state in the US to legalise online games by licensing online poker sites is now all set to embrace other online casino games. Such an outcome seems to be a reality after the members of Nevada Gaming Policy Committee met and discussed the issue threadbare few days back. Key point for the committee to favour the licensing of online casino games is that lion’s share of New Jersey’s – the other state which has licensed online gambling activities- revenue from online games accrue from online casino games, whereas the revenue from online poker sites is very miniscule.

The Apprehension for Online Casino Games

While Nevada had allowed online poker games to become the first state to bring in legislation to allow online betting in US, the state had not opened the doors for other online casino games basically due to the fear of eroding the market share of the existing land based casinos. But now, the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee has all but reversed this opinion since those appearing before the committee including Michael Cohen, the senior Vice president of Caesar’s Acquisition Company have presented facts that the presence of online casino games only supplements the business of the land based casinos. To substantiate this point, Cohen has cited the footfalls enjoyed at land based poker during the time when World Series of Poker games were held in 2915. Further Cohen also pointed out that New Jersey brick and mortar casinos were enjoying the benefits of new business as a spin-off from online casinos.

Interest Generated by Online Casinos

The great ease and convenience of playing online casino games and the thrill of playing interesting games like Double Bubble slot games has kindled the interest of players to visit the land based casinos. Cohen has authenticated his arguments with proof that as high as 40% of players who had let their membership of casinos to lapse in New Jersey had renewed their membership after playing the online casino games. Yet another benefit of online casino games is that it has attracted new players from the age group of below 30, who were so far away from the casino games. This has made the members of Nevada Gaming Policy Committee to look in to the issue of licensing online betting activities including licensing online casino games.

The Technology to Back Security Issues

Yet another concern of the committee was the repercussion of letting online casino activities as it was feared that this could lead to children to gamble as well as people from other states to join the bandwagon. But Cohen assured the members that foolproof technology was available from deducting the age as well as the age of the players who sign-in to play games like the Double Bubble slot from home. Though there still is a lobby against the introduction of online casino games, the online games are likely to get widespread support once Nevada authorities authorise the online activities.