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Promoting Sports Wagering Through Appeal Strategies in Australia

According to the new research conducted in Australia, the sports betting agencies in the country are making strong efforts to make betting an everyday affair of the culture. Like other tobacco lobby, these sports betting agencies are also adopting methods to convince Australians that sports betting and playing Double Bubble slot is just another feature of the nation’s culture.

The Actions of Betting Companies

The study has made it clear that the giants of sports betting have started making use of gender stereotypes and fan rituals in order to normalize sports betting with the help of targeted advertisements in the nation. However, the thing that has made it to the news is the use of the images of mateship and other sexual imagery to convince the people. The sports betting agencies strongly believe that all this can normalize betting and make it a part of everyday Australian culture.

In the Words of Samantha Thomas

Samantha is a public health academic at Deakin University and she has led the entire study. She recently remarked that the playbook that has been used for tobacco and alcohol is happening once again. She said that it is being advertised as if it is all a part of Australian culture. The advertisements strongly convince the people that if they are a true Australian then they go to the pub, hang out, watch a sport and place a wager on it. She mentioned that companies can and will do every bit to normalise sports betting, but the people have to be smarter to understand these tricks of the betting giants.

About the Study

The study led by Samantha examined around 85 advertisements shown by 11 gambling companies including both the local and international. These betting companies include Crownbet, Bet365. Sportsbet, Ladbrokes and William Hill just to name a few. The study found that more than three quarter of these advertisements included the images that were related to sports fan rituals. For instance, some ads showed the sports fans cheering up for their team while they watch television.

These ads also contain symbols of mateship, as it encourages the idea of gambling to be done with the friends at the pub. The highly objectionable part of the ad is where women are showed playing a subservient service role to the men. It signifies that these sports betting agencies are doing everything just to convince the majority of the lot.

Use of Appeal Strategies

One of the Sportsbet ads showed a woman in bikini and called it as the man’s greatest inventions while Betfair shows a woman playing table tennis in a bikini with a James Bond type character man. Thus, the research mentions that 10 main types of appeal strategies are used by these betting agencies to promote wagering. Sports fan behaviors, winning, social status, mateship, happiness, patriotism, control and power are included in these appeal strategies. Further, the research is going to show concerns about bookmakers spending millions of dollars in advertising sports wagering. The research is surely going to continue and reveal more facts.