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Poland to Change its Gambling Laws to Regulate the Betting Market

Gambling Laws

A lawmaker in Poland has recommended that its present law governing gambling should be amended in order to provide necessary regulation to the market. The Gambling Act of 2009 has proven to be insufficient to deal with the current realities of the gambling industry, especially its tremendous use of the internet. As a matter of fact, the outdated laws in the state have caused problems to international and local gambling operators by preventing them from achieving their potential.

The proposed amendments to Poland’s Gambling Act have been suggested by Jarosław Gowin, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and also its Minister of Science and Higher Education. His objective is to ensure that the gambling industry is regulated well so that it develops along the desired lines. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to generate enough excitement for the issue from other lawmakers.

Gowin is not the first person to address the issue of the outdated gambling laws in the country. Finance Minister Paweł Szałamacha had earlier indicated that the law needed to be amended in order to help the industry prosper. However, since there were no proposals concerning this issue, Gowin decided to make them on his own. It goes without saying that the new law will only come into being if the ruling party supports the issue.

Far Reaching Changes

One of the proposals of the new law is to exclude betting and poker from the Gambling Act. At present, Poles can only enjoy poker at a few land based casinos. The law has very stiff fines for individuals caught gambling, and many people also risk imprisonment. One of the amendments will be to do away these draconian punishments.

The gambling law will also set down the taxes that will be faced by operators. Companies will have to shell out a 20% levy on total betting revenues as opposed to the existing 12% tax on turnover. 10% of the total revenues has been earmarked for socially relevant expenses, with the Polish Olympic Committee getting 70% of it and gambling addiction treatment organizations getting the balance amount.

Poles enjoy betting on sporting events, and part of the not inconsiderable money generated from this business will go to develop sports teams. As a matter of fact, experts estimate that teams will get to share a kitty of €25 million generated from sports betting.

The Polish government aims to restrict access to online sites in order to ensure that gamblers stopped playing at sites not licensed to operate in the market. In fact, companies that try to operate without a proper license will find their IPs blocked and their payments withheld.

Poles have taken to online gambling in a big way and they enjoy playing a variety of games such as Double Bubble slots on the internet irrespective of whether they are legal or not. In fact, there are many sites operating in this market even though they are forbidden to do so. Therefore, Poles can check out games from illegally operated sites if legal sites do not have anything good.