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Playing Slot Games with Real Money – How to Get the Maximum Wins?

Experienced slots players use a couple of techniques to ensure that they have better odds of winning (even though nothing they do can ever ensure a jackpot happens). If you want to win money while playing your favourite Double Bubble slots and other games then you’ll need to understand that while luck has a very big role to play here, you can still work towards getting lots of small to medium sized wins.

Two of the most common techniques used by veteran slots players are Skill Stop and Bankroll Management.

We have described each of these techniques in detail so that you can decide whether you wish to try them out the next time you play Double Bubble and other slot games.

Skill Stop

This is a feature of slot games that is believed to enable players to control the outcome of the spin. Indeed, it does exactly that because it enables players to stop the reel whenever they want. However, it is hard to say whether there is any point in doing this since slot machines results are given by a Random Number Generator and the numbers change in minuscule fractions of a second. It is absolutely impossible for a person to figure out exactly at which point the slot will land on a winning combination. Therefore, while Skill Stop does indeed help a player determine the outcome of a game by interrupting it, there is no evidence to show that this is useful in any way!

Bankroll Management

This technique is one that focuses on getting players to stretch their bankroll to the greatest length possible. If a player is able to keep spinning the slot game long enough then chances of getting a win are much better than usual. Interestingly, players do not even need to have a fat bankroll in order to play for a long time as long as they are careful about a few things.

i) One of the first rules of bankroll management is to play games that have high payouts and lots of bonus symbols.

ii) Players should also join up at casinos that offer excellent deposit bonuses so that they can gamble without spending a lot of their own money.

iii) Players should also wager a limited amount of money during a gambling session in order to avoid piling up losses or gambling away winnings.

As you can see, there isn’t much point in using the Skill Stop feature of slot games because this feature does not give the desired result. Bankroll management, on the other hand, is a tried and tested method to increase chances of winning at slots. If you can’t get enough of Double Bubble slots or any other game then you should choose a very good casino that gives you fat bonuses upon joining or when you make deposits, and play only games that have very high pay outs. You will be able to win sufficient money this way to keep on playing slots for as long as you want without gambling away a lot of your money.