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Plainridge Park Casino Delays Gambling Control in Order to Perfect its Method

In order to help gamblers, a system is in the process of being developed by the Gaming Commission and Plainridge Casino Park that will prevent players from losing a lot of money. This is essentially done so that players have a set limit when they start gambling and do not lose lumps of money when they are playing. The machines will be designed in such a way that the players can set a budget beforehand, and then the players will continue their game. Now, when the player is about to reach that particular target, the machine will inform the player. Obviously, if the player does not want to stop gambling, the machine’s alerts and requests will be nullified. Though a fine move, it has come under the scanner as it is being constantly pushed forward. The method seems to be taking some time and has faced criticism for its slow progress. The method is called Play Management. Plainridge was opened in June 24, but the system is still being worked upon.

The Chairman of the Gaming Commission has done a round of media interviews, has made several announcements in this regard, and has also sent several messages on social media platforms as a response to the upheaval. He has clearly stated in one of the statements that the system is being designed and developed not for Plainridge , but for the commission as well. Some parties alleged that the delay in the implementation of the system was intentional. This was being done so that Plainridge could garner some more money till the system is entirely put in place. Crosby has denied all such allegations and has made it very clear that the delay is happening to improve the system, and not because of any other reasons. He also adds that a project of such style and magnitude has not been implemented in the United States before, and that is indeed very complicated.

Crosby further clarifies that the system is bound to interact and monitor with about 1,250 slot machines. They will be manufactured and delivered by different vendors. Furthermore, he says that a project such as this, which is being introduced for the first time, will take time because of several nitty-gritties. The delay which is being happening is because the commission insisted to have the system processed efficiently and correctly rather than having it done quickly but with a lot of glitches. He has confirmed that the system will be operational and on its feet by next month.

Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling’s Krystle Kelly mentioned that they were a little disappointed because they were expecting the system to be up and running, but if the time is being utilised to strengthen the system, then it is okay. She says that it should be installed in a couple of months, and if that is implemented then there is no cause of worry or concern for anyone. Some of the slot players are old and aged, and the system applies to them as well. Hence, some of these concerns are being addressed at the moment.