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Pocketing Millions Through Online Progressive Jackpots - A Lucky Player's Fate

If you are an active casino lover, then you must have always wished to earn a life-changing amount. In fact, every player sis just aiming to hit the largest jackpot and take home millions whether it is through scratch card, bet or National lottery. True that, it is not easy to win millions but a lady was able to do that recently.

About the Lucky Winner

According to the media reports, Jessica C signed up at Mr. Green Casino Ireland to try her hands at Siberian Storm Slot. It was then she hit the top prize and won millions. It is known that in November 2015, her initial winning amount was around half a million euros, which is just sufficient to change anybody’s life. However, her luck supported her further when she won the second jackpot in February 2017. What came to her surprise was the much bigger size of jackpot in February, which was almost around €4.3 million (overall winning).

The experts state that the chances of making such a winning are less but many have won it. For instance, Ken O’Toole was seen selling two National Lottery tickets within the last year. He has recently sold one of the tickets, which has fetched him a prize of €12.8 million and another ticket brought him €6.5 million ten years prior. Without a doubt, he made impossible possible with such an earning. Usually, the odds of winning a jackpot is around 1 in 8,145,060 to 1, which means Dublin shop selling two tickets is great achievement.

Other Fortunate Winners

Not only Jessica but there are others who have made such great winnings. The media revealed about the winnings of a couple who made almost around £150,000 on EuroMillions. The couple was lucky enough to find an additional ticket that fetched them another £150,000, a life changing amount. Thus, their total winning reached to £300,000.

It is true that these jackpot amounts grant winners giant wealth and support them in fulfilling their dreams. Jessica, the millionaire was able to pursue her dream of traveling around the globe and she is still deciding her plans with the rest of the money.

Big Winnings Through Online Slots

Online slots have proved to be very fruitful for many across the world. It is true that some of the slots work on a fixed payout model where players receive the award on the basis on their initial stake. This simply means that the highest prize value is certainly dependent upon the wager placed in the starting. In case of Jessica, she was lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot, which is a pool of many jackpots. Such jackpot accumulates over time and becomes life-changing for the players who win it.

When it comes to the highest progressive jackpot amount in the history, it was £13.2 million, which was somewhere around €17.8 million then. Undoubtedly, online slots offer big money and due to this fact, they are highly popular among the players. In fact, the craze of online slots has reached to the level where game developers are bound to launch newest of the new every month in order to offer something new to its players.

The competition in the casino industry has become cutthroat with each casino struggling to be at the top by offering the most captivating range of games, bonus, promotions and other perks. However, for the players, it is beneficial, as they get to try their hands on the latest variety of online slot games and get opportunity to enjoy various benefits of the casino. Thus, you must also sign up at a casino to hit the giant jackpot.