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The Status of Online Gaming in 2016 and the Expected Developments in 2017

The year 2016 has been a crappy year when it comes to the online casino slot industry. No doubt, the initial phase of the year was challenging but the end is quite satisfactory. The year brought some of the interesting prime slots that attracted the attention of millions of punters across the globe. It is true that the slot games developers came out with some of the jaw-dropping slot games with the most unique features this year. The competition among these developers has remained to be cutthroat with all of them trying to take an edge over other.

The Difference Between Online Gaming and Online Gambling

While talking about the status of online gaming and online gambling in the present year, the lice between these two seems to be blurred. It is simply due to the fact that the slot industry has shown a great technical advancement. The other reason would be the increase in social slots and the slots for fun. Right from the birth of the slot machine in the year 1891, the growth has been simply amazing. It’s been over a century that slot machines have been able to keep the interest of the players intact.

Taking casinos to the internet has been a major step in making the slot games worldwide popular. These online casinos have granted a great opportunity to the people to play innumerable games for real money or just for fun. For the ones who do not wish to spend dollars, they can try their hands on the free online slots game. Thus, the scope is enormous. It is to be noted that Prime Slots Casino features the best of slot machine games that can be played for real money but the year 2016 saw the rise of free games.

About Mobile Slots

The year 2016 saw a great innovation in the mobile slots too. Both online gambling and online gaming have witnessed the same cycle, as they first create the games and then they develop their websites, which further creates social groups and forums. The various websites like Slot Spinners are today offering all the details and information regarding the slot games to their players. In fact, it provides an option to play free games and make the most of them. As a result, it can be said that the slot industry has achieved a mainstream status today.

Expectations in 2017

Considering the past and present status of online gaming industry, it is sure that the coming year would also bring great improvements. It is expected that free slots and social slots will become more popular in the New Year. In addition to this, it is expected that these slot developers will make their players shift to the paid version of the games in order to make good revenue. So, it does make sense. Players can start with the free version, get a fine grip on the game and then play it for real money to earn rewards in return. Of course, this will be an advantage for the players also as they will be able to stake, hit the jackpot and return with millions in hand.

To add on, even celebrities are also set to put out branded slot games to captivate more and more punters. In fact, it will become a money-making opportunity for the celebs once the slot industry gets more popular. If you still want something rare and much exciting then look forward to those virtual reality and skill based slots, as these are going to be the major highlight in the coming year.