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Online Gamblers Prefer PCs to Mobile

The mobile gambling industry has no doubt been expanding at a very fast pace and one gets to see lots of advertisements for mobile gaming sites and apps. After all, mobile phone prices are dropping even as their screen sizes and memory capacity is increasing, thereby leading people to use them in place of desktops for almost all purposes including communication, entertainment, education, and commerce. It is really very tempting to just sign up at a mobile site so that one can ‘carry’ a casino around in one’s pocket!

Even so, it is becoming increasingly apparent that regular online gambling using PCs has managed to hold their own in the face of stiff competition from its newly developed mobile counterpart. This is because gambling using PCs has plenty of advantages when compared to smaller mobile devices. These advantages are:

Far More Features

Players find that desktop sites have many more features than mobile gaming sites. The quality of graphics and sound is far better when gambling on a PC or laptop, and the overall effect is very immersive. Mobile sites also do not offer live dealing because of space constraints, and this is a very popular gambling vertical.

Many More Games

Most online gaming sites offer huge numbers of games with an immense, mostly sourced from different developers. These games include slots and table games, with many variations of each. However, mobile sites have a much smaller selection of games. Players will therefore have to put in a bit of effort to find a mobile casino or app that has the games that they enjoy whereas they can go to just about any regular site and start playing.

Easier Deposits and Withdrawals

For some reason, desktop gambling sites provide customers with many options for depositing and withdrawing cash. These include the usual complement of credit and debit cards in addition to e-wallets. Desktop sites also tend to allow bigger deposits and withdrawals than mobile sites.

Easier and Faster Play

Even though the processing power of mobile devices has increased tremendously over the years, it still lags behind the power of a desktop. This means that the games load very quickly and also play very smoothly. Players won't have to encounter any of the interruptions that are very common at mobile sites, such as the ones which are caused when the site is buffering.

Longer Playing Sessions

It is not just easy to gamble using a PC, but each session can carry on for longer as well. Mobile phone batteries tend to get drained very quickly when the user is gambling online. It is not even particularly easy to play when the phone is charging.

Lots of gambling sites are optimized for mobile use in addition to desktop play. Players can move from one to the other whenever they feel like it. For instance, they will use the desktop site when they are at home because of the better gaming experience and the numerous other conveniences offered. The same people are likely to log into the mobile site using their mobile phones when they are commuting to work or waiting at a doctor’s office or any other place. In other words, people are unlikely to be happy with a gambling site that only has a mobile option.

Online gambling operators should definitely keep this preference of customers in mind because it can affect their revenues tremendously. Gambling operators who spend a lot of money on developing mobile sites or apps without having a regular site are unlikely to do well because of this reason. It’s a really competitive field and there is very little room for mistakes!