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NetEnt Introduces Jimi Hendrix Slot Machine

NetEnt has announced a new Jimi Hendrix slot machine. The slot machine comes under the theme of musician-themed slot games. The name of the series is called NetEnt Rocks. Interestingly, music lovers would be thrilled to notice that NetEnt’s maiden game in the series was named after Guns N Roses, the legendary rock band that has a millions hooked to their music. With releasing the slot game about Jimi Hendrix, NetEnt aims to garner the same fan base that was once attracted by the Guns N Roses themed slot machine.

They also plan to release a third slot machine that will be named after Motorhead, another famous band. NetEnt has chosen extremely popular and famous musicians for their slot games. One of the reasons is obviously to garner maximum fan base. A music lover who admires the music of the likes of Jimi Hendrix would definitely play the slot game. He was a music legend whose music has left a mark on generations to come. He died about 45 years ago, but his legacy still continues as one of the leading guitarists of all times. Even though most of his music was primarily rock, he also dabbled in blues, psychedelic and hard rock genres. The singer-songwriter has had a prolific career spanning over several years and the music fraternity cannot forget his contribution. Hence, he made a perfect candidate for NetEnt to base their slot game on.


When we look at the graphics of the Jimi Hendrix video slot game, we notice the aesthetics are mostly of the 70s flower power movement. When you start playing the game, you will also notice that some of the symbols represent the era of the 70s that will give you the feel of that generation. There is a classic feel to the video game slot. Some of the symbols that are presented in the game are disk records, guitar-toting Hendrix, electric guitars and more. All the inspiration of the symbols for the game has been derived from the pop culture of the 70s.


The soundtrack of the game had to be interesting since the slot game is based on one of the legends of music. Hence, the developers have spent a good deal of their time deciding on what works best for them. The slot machine largely uses rock n roll music. And obviously, there is going to be music by Jimi Hendrix as well that will play once you start betting. The most popular tracks would start playing when you hit a winning combination. They also suddenly erupt when you get some free spins. This adds a great mood to playing slots. You will get a chance to listen to some of his most beloved tracks such as Crosstown Traffic, Purple Haze and Foxy Lady.


There are numerous options of free spins that are included in the game. Furthermore, all of them have a different feature that attracts the players. One of such features was the Pick and Click, which triggers a bonus game.