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Microgaming Launches Virtual Reality Gambling Game Very Unlike Double Bubble Slot

Virtual Reality Gambling The gambling industry has come a long way over the past couple of decades, and it has made good use of technology to keep things exciting and interesting. After all, it is no easy task to attract and retain customers who are accustomed to getting highly sophisticated entertainment, especially on the internet. The industry is set to take another leap thanks to the use of virtual reality technology. Gambling industry leader Microgaming has taken the first step to providing a viable gambling opportunity using real money, as it demonstrated with the unveiling of its cyber Roulette game at the recently concluded ICE 2016 show. The game in question zaps players to a roulette table that is supposedly in outer space, and its 3D visuals provide a very authentic feel.

Microgaming’s virtual reality game turned a lot of heads thanks to its exciting and intriguing Cryolab display that had a suitably futuristic look. In fact, this was no small feat since ICE is always packed with interesting presentations. The game makes use of the Oculus Rift headset to provide the simulation of a number of different environments. Oculus Rift, a crowd funded product, is without doubt one of the most exciting new things in the entertainment industry since it is fairly successful at creating as good an immersive experience as is possible at present. No doubt there are other virtual reality products in the market as well, but the prevalence of these products bodes well for the fields of entertainment and gambling.

The new Microgaming virtual reality game is set to be released sometime in 2016 and there is great demand for this wearable entertainment device. The only problem is that existing technology does not make this device available for real money play. As of now, Microgaming has developed quite a few apps that can be downloaded to most devices however it has to keep working on its virtual reality app to make real money betting. There are indications that Oculus Rift will also offer apps in the market, but it remains to be seen how it works with the existing legislations.

It goes without saying that virtual reality online casinos have the potential to become extremely popular, and that too in a relatively short while. It was interesting to see people queuing up outside the Cryo Lab just to get a hands-on experience of this futuristic game. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that this technology will change the face of gambling for good since it will blur the line between virtual casinos and land based ones. Microgaming has no doubt has an early start and it has issued a challenge to its competitors in the form of a virtual reality video that outlines its plans for the future. However, it can expect its competitors to snap at its heels because virtual reality casinos have great potential to earn money. It will definitely be interesting to see the directions in which the gambling industry will grow from here on.