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Experiencing the African Savannah Through Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

Mega Moolah progressive slot has become a major hit in the casino world today due to its lucrative jackpot. The slot has been designed and developed by the very popular gaming developer, Microgaming. The progressive jackpot is built by acquiring a small amount of bet that is made on Mega Moolah from anywhere in the world. This amount is then added to the progressive jackpot, which is then granted to the luck winner.

The Theme of Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

The moment you will start with this amazing game, you will see an African Safari full of various animals. As the sun sets in the safari, you will see animals coming out quietly including buffalo, zebra, ibis, giraffe, monkey and lion just to mention a few out of many. The real game will start then when all these animals will appear on the screen. Without a doubt, these animals are the major attraction of the game and are sure to make you an addict of this slot. Since the game is highly interesting, not every player plays it for hitting the jackpot. Many bettors who are not interested to bet higher play it just for fun.

The best part about this slot is that the game can be played on instant play platform. It means that you can play it on your desktop, laptop and even on your mobile phones. The most important point is that players are advised to play this game only at megamoolah.com or the can sign up at any Microgaming powered casino. Make sure that you are not playing any copied version of it!

The Feature of Randomness in Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

You must have always thought that a considerable is passed between wins in this game. However, Mega Moolah Progressive slot has proved to be a life changing slot for many. For instance, two players won the progressive jackpot in the month of November 2016. Out of these, one player won far less because the jackpot did not reach the $11.5 million level, which was won by the other player. It is simply due to the fact that the wins in this slot are determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG). It means that all the spins in this slot are random and are not controlled manually by any authority. So, it is a game of chance!

Symbols and Jackpots in Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

In this game of 25 paylines, the lion acts as the wild symbol while the scatter symbols are represented by the monkeys. The scatters can lead you to the free spin bonus round and the wild carries 2x for the wins that you have made. In addition, it has some spin-offs that include Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive, Mega Moolah Isis and Mega Moolah Summertime. The most fascinating part is that you can always retrigger the free spins and avail more of them to continue playing.

When it comes to the main part i.e. jackpot, there are four of them. The smallest jackpot is of just $10 payout and the major one is of $10,000. Further, the maxi jackpot can get you one million dollars with the average win of $3,000,000. It is sure that you are going to win big at this slot.

The Bottom Line

Mega Moolah progressive slot is an addictive game with finest graphics and sound track. The game has been designed by Microgaming to perfection and comprises of all the features that can retain your interest for longer. Thus, you must now sign up at Microgaming powered casino to try this superb game set in African safari.