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Is Collecting Slot Machines Your Hobby?

You might have come across umpteen slot players who spend long hours playing slot games like Double Bubble. But have you come across slot fans who have made it a pastime to collect the slot machines? Indeed, there are breeds of slot enthusiasts who go about enjoying not only the different slot games, but also in collecting slot machines of different kinds. Are you one of them?

Why Collecting Slot Machines can Be Your Hobby Too?

Obviously, being a collector of slot machines means that the hobby is an expensive one. The slot collector does not only need money to buy the vintage slot machines, but also needs sufficient space to store these slots. However, the advantage for the collector could be that he could play free games on their slot machines in his possession. And as days go by, the value of the assets procured increases, thereby, making it a worthwhile investment!

History of Slot Machines

Though mention of the slot machines, quite often referred to as the one-armed bandit could be found at many places, there were hardly any single book on the slot machines until about 40 years ago. This had prompted David Christensen to come up with a full-fledged book on the slot machine. This work published in 1972 indeed became the first authentic compilation of the slot machines and interestingly, this set off a renewed interest among the slot enthusiasts to buy the slot machines. The other publication on slot, which followed closely after the 1972 release of Slot Machines was the work of Marshal Fey’s.

Sourcing Vintage Slot Machines

For slot collectors, to get a hand on the initial version of slot machine as it existed only in the early 1800s would be next to impossible. However, for the collectors of slot machines, the machines manufactured by leading slot machine manufacturers like Thomas Walting in the early 20th century are available for sourcing at reasonable rates. Interestingly, the mechanical slot machines released in the early 20th century are available in practical working condition too.

The Buying Guide

The rates of these mechanical slots and electro mechanical slots that were created later on are almost on par. But a few models, which were introduced in the mid 1920s are quoted at higher rates in the market. The rates of various slot machines pertaining to different periods can be sourced without much difficulty on the net. Slot machines produced by ace manufacturers like Bally and Pace are available in the range of $2,000 to $5,000.

Maintaining the Slot Machines

Maintaining the slot machines is unbelievably simple, not only for the mechanically inclined, but also those with less experience in maintaining the old machinery. This is because literature for the maintenance of the slots is readily available online. Moreover, these slots are sturdy and require very less maintenance other than changing a few spare parts like springs. Interestingly, it is the new age automated slot machines, which require better care and greater maintenance since electronic components form a major part of these machines now!