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iGaming Innovation to Flourish in 2016

Online gaming is reaching new places and increasing with every passing year. Only last year, iGaming conducted an Entrepreneur Conference that focused on introducing new ways of introducing games into online gaming. Furthermore, there were many start-ups that flourished and made their mark in 2015. CalvinAyre.com also made its debut into the market and subsequently gained a lot of recognition. The goal of both the start-ups, iGaming and CalvinAyre.com, was to effectively bridge the gap between investors and the start-ups that erupted in the later part of the year.

The company’s primary focus is to be the match-maker where it can provide an effective bridge between these start-ups and the people who are interested in investing money in them. This works in the favour of both the parties since many start-ups have amazing ideas but do not have the potential to reach to the investors. There are many conferences that are being organised when it comes to giving opportunities to such start-ups. Some of them include GamCrowd Studio and Pitch ICE. These two functions have lots of sessions dedicated to bringing your start-up to the fore and will give to ample opportunity to meet the investors.

Chris Noth who works with GamCrowd has the opinion that such places are a perfect way for start-ups to get their idea across and get it noticed amongst the big players in the market. He further explains that attending such a conference has multiple advantages. One of them being that you will get the chance to meet possible investors. The second is that you make a lot of contacts in the industry, which will eventually help you to survive in the industry.

He actually stresses on the fact that such functions give a lot of opportunities and the person who actually makes use of all of it, gains a lot from the event. It should also be noted here that the kind of start-ups that are now registering are really good ones. This is a clear indication that the industry is accepting this trend and is becoming more open to unconventional ideas. This also ensures that young people are entering the industry with fresh ideas and suggestions. A big player to join the conference was Pictch ICE, which tells a lot about the level of start-ups you can expect to interact with.

GamCrowd is also opening a new studio on February 4, which is going to help in providing more opportunities. North further goes on to say that he has gone through more than 200 business plans in detail and has come to several conclusions. He believes that some essential points are missing when start-ups launch their businesses, for example payments, legal aspects, financial modelling and licensing. GamCroud studio is opened with the intention that these issues be sorted out and people have access to this knowledge. He stresses on the fact that the industry is growing at a tremendous pace with lots and lots of opportunities lined up for people who are talented and have something unique to show.