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How to Calculate Payout Percentage While Playing Slot Games?

It might be a common occurrence on various billboards across town proclaiming that a particular casino has loose slot machines and people should come and try it out. You may have played at a few before as well. They might even go on to say that these machines offer 98% cash back. In some casinos, there are several machines that guarantee 99% payout. However, there is no assurance about these claims as such.

For players who do not have much knowledge about how a slot machine works, here is a little brief about the same. In all video slot machines such as Double Bubble, there is something called as a Random Number Generator that is a complicated algorithm solely responsible for the combinations made by the symbols. These results are programmed. Hence, it is up to the computer chip to determine the result of the game. In other words, whether you win or lose, it entirely depends on the Random Number Generator.

It might be interesting for you to know that in some states, it is important for some slot machines to return a certain payback to the players. This ensures that the people win on a regular basis. While some people think and believe that they have a higher percentage of winning if they play on a slot machine that offers 99% payout as opposed to a machine that promises 94%, this is not entirely true in all cases!

To be very honest, there is no way you can determine the return policy of the game. This is because there is no accurate way for the casino to check the paybacks of the machine on a long-term basis. Most players play on a particular slot machine, say Double Bubble for only a couple of hours.

In the new and advanced slot machines, bill receptors usually count the credits.

Playing Within Your Means

It is noted that slot machines that require higher denomination of coins have a greater payback percentage as compared to the lower ones. Some professional players also believe that playing on machines that require a higher denomination is a far better idea. If you have the money, then go for it. You can try your hand at the Double Bubble slot, it is fun and engaging!

If you do not have a lot of money to spend on slot machines, then you should consider these options:

i) You can play on a slot machine that requires a lower denomination of money. So, you can try your luck at quarter slot machines.

ii) Some of the online video slot games such as Double Bubble has free bonus rounds and spins. You can play that as well.

iii) You can also save up some money and then play on the slot machines that require you to roll a high denomination. That way, you can play on those machines as well.

So, there is no way to calculate how exactly how much you'll end up making while playing slot games. If you're lucky a lower bet may win you tons of money. On the other hand, there have been instances when the players have gone all out, but haven't really been able to make more or even match their bet amounts!