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GiGse Summit Showcases the Future of Online Gambling in the US

The gambling industry is abuzz with excitement about the forthcoming Global iGaming Summit and Expo, an industry event dedicated to online betting in the United States and the various issues it faces. Known as GiGse, this event is of no small importance because of the speed with which the industry is expanding worldwide, and also because there are signs that the United States is finally loosening regulations on it. One doesn’t have to try too hard to imagine the size of this industry if and when it has access to the world’s biggest economy. GiGse is scheduled to take place from the 27th to the 29th of April at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco.

What To Expect

GiGse 2015 was an unqualified success, but there are even greater expectations from this year’s event. Like all industry events, this one too provides participants priceless opportunities for networking. Software developers and other gaming products suppliers can interact with casino developers and hopefully work out a number of opportunities to collaborate with each other. Companies will launch new products during this event because they are assured of media attention at this time. There will also be lots of workshops and seminars where the latest technological developments and industry trends can be discussed so that light can be thrown on them for the industry’s overall benefit.

The theme for GiGse 2016 is a fresh outlook to grow the market with a view to harnessing the purchasing immense power of millennials. An event to look out for is Top 10 under 30 which throws light on the brightest young sparks in the iGaming sector.

Speakers at GiGse 2016

There are going to be plenty of influential speakers at the event including Alexander Tomic, co-founder of Alea.com. Tomic has more than a decade of experience in the industry and has had stints as a casino operator and the owner of an affiliate network. Andy Caras-Altas, CEO of Traffic Generation, has more than 15 years in the industry under his belt and will also contribute to the thought leadership at this event. Other important speakers include Anton Dobrosevic of Growth Advisors and Joe Asher, CEO of William Hill USA, both of whom have helped launch gaming products in new markets.

Millennials Summit

This is one of the main areas of focus of the iGaming event and it will have a separate summit of its own. Taking place over a day and a half, this summit promises to be very interesting and useful because it will throw light on the gaming habits and immense spending power of Millennials. This is of great importance to the industry and cannot be ignored at any cost because its future growth very clearly lies in this direction.

There are signs that the United States is gradually changing its stance on gambling, but this might only happen one state at a time. If the US market were to open up entirely then the size and nature of the industry would change dramatically.