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Gibraltar Continues to be the Centre of the Online Gambling Industry

Gibraltar Online Gambling IndustryThe online gambling industry which has customers all over the world is headquartered in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. In fact, gambling operators from other locations around the globe have long been relocating to Gibraltar on account of the many advantages it offers such as low tax rates, complete transparency, and well thought of regulations.

The online gambling industry itself rakes in profits of more than €30 billion every year of which more than 60% passes through companies located in this jurisdiction. People visit online casinos to play a wide range of casino games and slots and also to bet on sports and other events. Games such as Double Bubble slots are extremely popular with online gamblers because of their high quality graphics and sound effects. Of course, the best gambling experience comes from visiting well run and reliable sites.

Gambling has grown to be a very important component of Gibraltar’s economy over the past 16 years or so. The industry constitutes a whopping 25 percent of the territory’s GDP. It employs thousands of people and generates millions of pounds in taxes and duties. What’s more, this territory has the most rapidly growing economy in Europe and its unemployment rate has been kept under 6 percent.

It goes without saying that the government in Gibraltar goes to great lengths to protect the highly lucrative gambling industry. In fact, the Gibraltar Licensing Authority follows a policy of only licensing companies that have a proven track record in the industry and which are in good financial condition.

Lottoland is a very successful firm based in Gibraltar that offers customers the opportunity to bet on international lotteries from any location at all. Players visiting Lottoland can select numbers of their choice and pay for tickets on the internet. This site is extremely popular with lottery enthusiasts from all over the world since it gives them easy access to well-known lotteries without any geographical restrictions. For instance, immensely popular lotteries such as MegaMillions and PowerBall can now be played by people living outside the United States thanks to the power of the internet. It is also possible to play on the Irish Lotto and Euromillions from this site. Online lottery services are often used by expats who wish to stay in touch with their country’s lotteries.

The concept of selling lottery tickets online is hardly a new one but Lottoland has been able to do very well in this niche. In fact, the company has grown very rapidly over the past three years to become one of the major providers of employment in Gibraltar. What’s even more interesting is that the Lottoland site has been particularly lucky for a number of customers over the past few months. At least six different people have won millions of Euros each since December 2015, with one lucky German winning an amazing amount of €22 million on the German lottery.

The gambling industry in Gibraltar will definitely continue to through up more success stories as time goes by.