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Detailed Information About Georgia Gaming Congress 2017

Tbilisi is going to host the iGaming industry's biggest professional event for the third time in the New Year 2017. As per the media reports, Georgia Gaming Congress 2017 is going to be held on March 1 and is expected to bring various industry leaders, state officials and proprietors of different start-ups. They are all going to gather at the conference venue, Radisson Blu Iveria and will discuss about innovations in the gambling industry and various development trends. In the coming year, it is hopeful that these officials are going to bring about a great change in the respective industry.

Participants at Georgia Gaming Congress 2017

The event will witness the participation of different representatives of both traditional and online casinos, fantasy sports, bookmaking, hoteliers, investors, software developers, designers, manufacturers of gaming equipment, junket tour organizers and many others. It means that all the groups involved in the gaming industry in some way or the other will be seen at the conference.

When it comes to the main motto of the event, the major focus is on offering resources to extend the business circle. All the participants will be made to present their views on business development and ideas that can help in its expansion. It will further aim at finding the capital to make various projects and start-ups a big success. This means that the current event is looking forward to bring a revolution in the industry with better growth and prosperity.

The Various Topics at Georgia Gaming Congress 2017

The other topics of the event will include the ways in which growth can be achieved in the Georgia gaming market and solid niche can be maintained in the same. It will hint at the need of opening up of new casinos in the finest regions of the country and to encourage virtual reality gaming. The other themes will include the tips on increasing the popularity of gambling by presenting the success stories of various casino owners of Georgia.

It will focus on the need of crypto-currency like Bitcoin, which is the safest method for online transactions, better opportunities for eSports betting and junket tourism in the state. It is expected that the representatives will bring up the topics of the current status of Daily Fantasy Sports in the industry and the effective ways that can help casinos in captivating the attention of more and more players by better promotional offers and bonuses.

Georgia Gaming Congress 2017 Demo Zone

Heavyweight iGaming conference promoter Smile Expo is highly thrilled to see the demo zone of the conference. It is known that the conference will have an amazing blend of different featured exhibitions. Further, these exhibitions will display various products right from the furniture, software solutions to the most advanced equipment from the top suppliers & manufacturers.

The unique part about demo zone is that it will give the attendees an opportunity to test the slot machines, various gaming software and even the table games. This simply means that this year’s conference will be one of its kinds and is sure to be a huge success.

The Bottom Line

It is true that this year’s Georgia Gaming Congress 2017 cannot be missed at all. Smile Expo is going to be the major highlight of the conference with its great innovation on the product floor. The expansive market will offer a great opportunity to all the attendees to come up with their views and supporting the entire Georgian gaming market to expand. As for the gambling fans, they must stay tuned to the latest news regarding the conference and should get ready to witness some huge positive changes in the gambling industry this year!