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Film Themed Online Slots Grabbing Major Market Share

Video slot games with Hollywood themes have been popular with gamblers at Las Vegas casinos right from the time they were introduced. These games cater to an audience that enjoys slot games with interesting themes. Games with Hollywood themes have fabulous visuals, including iconic clips from the movies they are themed around, in addition to superb sound effects. It is not uncommon to see snaking lines in front of these slot machines at major casinos from Las Vegas to Macau.

These video slot games are now available on all major online casinos, and they are proving to be as popular as they are at land based casinos since they have similar production values. In fact, they have a much larger customer base at online casinos because of the larger reach that these casinos enjoy. What’s more, they are fast increasing in popularity.

There are a great many slot games based upon iconic movies and even television shows, which means that there’s a high chance that you’ll find a game that suits your taste or helps you get into maximum enjoyment of your favourite movie genre. Some of the most popular Hollywood based online slots games are based on:

The Dark Knight Rises Slot

This slot game was as much a blockbuster as the Batman movie it has been inspired from. In fact, this game from Microgaming hit casinos in 2013, just a year after the movie took the box office by storm. It is a 3D game that gives a close approximation of the movie. The game has 5 reels, like most video slot games available today, and it gives a maximum 243 ways off winning. You can get the most enjoyment out of the game by playing it in flight mode. You’ll them get to see Batman fighting against his enemy Bane, while also getting plenty of opportunities to get win multipliers and free spins.

The Avengers Slot

This game was developed by Playtech in the wake of the original movie’s stupendous success. The Marvel Comics superhero movie, starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L Jackson, and Scarlett Johansson amongst took the movie world by storm when it was released in 2012. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines in addition to a number of scatters, bonuses, and also a bonus game. The game has some of the best graphics available in addition to crystal clear sound effects. In all, the game has some of the best software in the business.

Scarface Slot

This game is a big hit with slots players who are also 1980s movie aficionados. Developed by Net Entertainment, this game stays true to the story of Tony Montana’s journey to wealth and power followed by his sudden fall. The slot game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, and it features plenty of clips and graphics from the film. While there are plenty of Wilds and Scatters, the game has a truly spectacular bonus game based upon the movie’s iconic shootout scene. If you are able to shoot the maximum correct targets found in this game then you’ll finish with quite a bit of money.

Movie production houses and comic book publishers are signing deals with gaming software companies for all their popular franchises because there is huge demand for these themed games at online casinos. While there is no doubt that the games piggyback on the movies’ huge box office clout, the other reason for their popularity is that they tend to have huge prizes. There’s no doubt that more of these games are in the offing and this is great news for movie buffs who also enjoy playing slots games.