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Black Widow – The Newest and Adventurous Slot Unlike the Lively Double Bubble Slot

Newest and Adventurous Slot All those who love exploring newest of new slots would jump in joy after hearing the news of the launch of Black Widow slot. Yeah, this is the latest slot launched by Atari and has gained attention of all. This slot is actually based on the iconic Atari interactive arcade game. You can acquire more knowledge about this new slot further in the article.

Pariplay Ltd, a popular gaming software company based on Isle of Man., has developed Black Widow.  The company has set its benchmark by serving iLotteries, iGaming operators and various land based casinos. The game has been developed in HTML 5 and players can enjoy playing it on their laptops, smartphones and tablets without having to worry about anything. The media reports have made it clear that the company is going to display the new slot at the Gaming Conference booth in London in the month of February this year.

With this, it is worth mentioning here that the original Black Widow slot was first launched in the year 1982. At that time, it involved various players steering the spider and shooting the insects in order to win bonuses. However, the latest 5-reel Black Widow slot with three lines offers an opportunity to the players to make real money just by spinning the reels at an online casino. In the earlier version, players used to win only the bonus points and other shooting hornets, beetles and mosquitoes. No doubt, the recent one is of much greater interest to the players, as they can generate real cash out of it.

The Features of Black Widow

The game is optimized for all the gaming platforms. In addition to this, the slot features the most interesting and high quality graphics, which includes those cartoon-style insects armed with weapons and the ‘seek and destroy wilds. Yeah, those grenades and bazookas surely add an adventure to the game. Players are going to love that military styled soundtrack and other amazing sound effects. Not only this, you can also expect to get free spins and two bonus games. The turbo mode functionality has made the game exclusive, as it boosts up the speed of the entire game.

An Insight into Pariplay

While talking about Pariplay, the company allied with Atari interactive in the second quarter of the year 2014. Atari is the most renowned computer and video game entertainment corporation that is involved into developing various online casino slots based on Atari arcade games. The in-house development studio of Pariplay has developed Black Widow. Besides this, it has also introduced more than 100 online slots, scratch cards, keno games, instant win games and Bingo.

It is true that the Black Widow slot is worth playing. It promises to offer a chance to get financial reward and enjoy to the highest level. If you have not tried this slot until now then you must do it now. Just sign up at any authentic website and start playing this slot.