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Big Bang 3 Lines Slot is a Classic Game With a Big Jackpot

Pragmatic Play (formerly known as Top Game) has certainly done a great job with the Big Bang 3 Line slot game that is themed around the theory of the same name concerning the origin of the universe. It’s no doubt a simple game with no bonus features, but it's great fun to play all the same. Its jackpot worth 6000 coins is a major incentive to play it. It has a very attractive look as well, thanks to its fancy graphics and also its colour combination comprising sleek golds and reds.

Big Bang 3 Line slot game can be played on a great many gaming sites. Furthermore, it can be enjoyed on almost all desktop and handheld devices. The game is also available in free practice mode, ensuring that players have the option of trying it out without risking any money.

Big Bang 3 Lines Slot Structure

This game has a very basic structure with three reels and three paylines. It accepts a maximum three coins per wager, with coins varying in value from a minimum 1p to a maximum £5. Therefore, the highest wager is £15, which is very small by the standards of slot games. This is one of the least complicated games available, with no special features apart from the Wild symbol.

The game has a regular jackpot, and not a progressive. The big jackpot worth 6000 coins can only be available if all paylines are activated, but many people opt for this because the wagers are attractively low. Players can make use of the Auto Play feature to set the number of spins they want done continuously so that they don’t have to keep pressing play after each spin.

Bonus Features in Big Bang 3 Lines Slot

The Big Bang 3 Line slot game does not have any bonus features, being a very simple and straightforward game. It doesn’t even have any multiplier symbols.

Free Spins

The game does not have a scatter symbol, and it doesn’t offer a free spins feature either.

The Standard Wild Symbol

The wild symbol of this slot game is the coin symbol. It has the ability to complete winning combinations which would otherwise not have been possible. Landing 3 wild symbols on any active payline will launch the massive jackpot of 6000 coins. However, the Wild symbol does not have any additional special features.

The Highest Paying Reel Symbols

The game’s Wild symbol gives out its biggest win, as mentioned above. While the jackpot on three paylines is 6000 coins, it is 3000 and 1000 coins respectively for two and one paylines. There are five symbols used in the game, of which the red lucky seven symbol has the highest value. The other symbols are bar, cherry, and also three stages of golden bars.

Our Opinion of Big Bang 3 Line Slot Game

This is a very simple game that is extremely easy to understand. Players can start playing without having to learn about the rules of the game, and there is absolutely no confusion about anything concerned with it. This makes it the perfect game for novices to try out because they can, in theory, win £10 on a 1p wager.

However, lots of experienced players also enjoy playing this game because of the frequent wins (albeit small ones) that it gives out for relatively small wagers. It is best to play this game with all paylines activated because this is the only way to get the biggest wins.

Big Bang 3 Line slots is also a very good looking game, with sound effects to match. Given that it has something to appeal to almost every type of slots player, we are quite happy to recommend it to our readers.