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An Insight into Significant Casino Studies and Playing Double Bubble Slot

According to the recent surveys, if you are a casino gambler then you are certainly going to be a problem gambler. As compared with other punters, you are likely to be a moderate risk gambler. Gambling risk is surely a problem but besides that, the casino industry hardly reports on its consumer protection initiatives. This simply means that gambling initiatives such as pre-commitment does not remain too effective.

The Crown Report

The secret Crown casino problem gambling report is based on the investigation of various spending patterns of the players. However, the Andrews government and Crown, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) are not in a favor to release such kind of report. One of the representatives at Victoria made it clear that gambling laws of Victoria enforce confidentiality obligations on the regulator.

Further, the regulator does restrict the revelation of protected information. In addition to this, Colleen Hartland has remarked that the industry is just covering up by not releasing the Crown report. It is just a massive cover up and nothing else. She has further added that it has become very important to put light on the industry to uncover the dubious practices that make people spend more than their pockets.

However, another spokesperson for Crown mentioned in a comment that Crown has always taken measures to implement the programs in order to fix the gambling problems and has become the world leader in it. Moreover, VCGLR reviews the performance of the casino on regular basis in this regard.

Responsible Gambling and Casinos Report

Another casino research report, responsible gambling and casinos report has been produced by the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies and is governed by Gambling Research Australia. In this study, the area covered includes South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. This report clarified that up to 80% of visitors are actually from the casino’s home state. However, Michael O’Neil, the author of the report understands the fact that casinos just operate their business.

He says that casinos are required to be very careful that they expose, as it can give a clear idea of their performance. However, he also adds that the regulatory bodies need to ensure that casinos remain transparent with their operations at all times. Casinos must make sure that they attract only the right people not the criminals. Michael has demanded more openness and clarity when it comes to the casinos’ activities.


The figures of the last financial year of Victoria showed that a large amount of tax is paid on the gambling when compared with the dollars spent off the casino. According to the research, pubs and clubs that have poker machines paid around $961.6 million tax while Crown paid only $205.4 million. It is true that both the studies have provided a clear insight into the business of the casinos and the way in which a casino gambler can face issues while placing the wagers at a casino. Thus, a player must consider the talked about facts before playing at a casino.